The MarineNav Advantage

ROVs requiring costly maintenance parts and seals, designed components with planned obsolescence, repairs which require extensive time and knowledge; these factors greatly reduce the value of an inspection class vehicle in your organization.

Since 2005, MarineNav has been trusted globally with building the most dependable marine electronics systems for maritime use. With the Oceanus class, MarineNav developed an ROV which incorporates the same robust engineering principles for harsh environmental survival with emphasis on addressing the weaknesses of other ROV systems. With a majority of components manufactured in-house, MarineNav maintains superior quality control and attention to detail, backed by our guarantee of customer satisfaction.

MarineNav Ltd. Oceanus ROVs can be customized to meet your requirements.

MarineNav Ltd. specializes in custom builds and installations. Contact us today. Whatever your requirements, we can help. Click here to view customization options available.

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