Trusted for their superior design and reliability, MarineNav Ltd. products are installed in thousands of vessels globally. Refusing to outsource work means our products have an extremely low failure rate.

Our team includes engineers, designers, and technicians, with decades of experience in the marine, information technology, and manufacturing industries. We're able to take never-before-seen ideas from concept design to completed prototype. Whether you have a general idea or concept drawings and plans, we can turn CAD designs into reality. All projects are developed in a confidential environment respecting your need for privacy 

Phone: +1 (902) 838-7011
Email: sales@marinenav.ca

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

MarineNav Ltd. specializes in concept design, prototyping, and manufacturing of marine displays, computer systems, and top-side units. As a medium-sized company, MarineNav Ltd. gives you the one-on-one attention that you won't find with larger manufacturers. All aspects of our business are kept in-house and never outsourced. This means we are able to provide our clients with a customized product built to the highest standards at a competitive price point.

MarineNav Ltd. can help you grow your brand through our private labeling and technical support services. From prototypes to full-scale production runs, MarineNav Ltd. has proven itself to be an ideal manufacturing partner. All of our products can be built to meet any set of required specifications and standards including IEC, type approvals, and military specifications. MarineNav Ltd. is an ISO certified manufacturer and is registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program. 


We take never-before-seen ideas from concept design to finished prototype. Whether you just have a general idea, or if you have concept drawings and plans, we can prepare the required CAD designs to turn your ideas into a reality.

Our fabrication facilities allow us to develop all aspects of your project in-house, which ensures complete control over the entire process. We can also accommodate meetings between your design team and our engineers and provide in-house product testing and trials. All MarineNav Ltd. projects are developed in a fully confidential environment.


MarineNav Ltd. conducts rigorous burn-in tests and quality control on every product we produce. Never outsourced, the systems we sell are built and tested right here in our Canadian facility. All aspects of your project, from research and development to manufacturing, to aftercare support are conducted from the same location.


Clients can purchase our products with confidence knowing that our customer service is also structured to your company's individual needs.

• Dedicated telephone lines for customer technical support 
• Customized packaging
• Private labeling
• Remote login support 
• Installation guides and manuals prepared to client specifications 
• Flexible warranty packages


MarineNav Ltd.
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