Over 2,500 units in operation globally.

Product Failure Rate of 0.8% over 5 years.

While all of our products are designed and manufactured in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, they certainly don't stay there. Our electronics can be found aboard thousands of vessels around the world, where they sustain an extremely low failure rate. Our reputation for providing high-quality, customized products is exemplified through the diversity and number of customers we serve. To learn more about the types of vessels you may find MarineNav equipment on, navigate through the tabs below.

Over 1000 units installed on approximately 400 vessels

Our dedication to manufactuing high-quality products has lead to relationships with a variety of international governments. We provide computer systems, displays, and vessel monitoring units to international coast guard and navy vessels, most notably the Canadian Coast Guard. Click on the thumbnail below to see a limited sample of the types of vessel classes that our MarineNav equipment can be found on.

Over 700 units installed on approximately 550 vessels

From supply ships to scientific research boats, marine industry vessels require equipment that is as powerful as it is dependable. Professionals rely on systems that can be pushed to their limits, and our extremely low failure rate ensures that MarineNav computers and displays are up to the challenge. Click on the thumbnail below to view a small example of the kinds of commercial and hydrographic vessels that MarineNav products can be found on.


Over 750 units installed on approximately 600 vessels

MarineNav provides electronics that are specifically designed to meet customer requirements. Whether you are refurbishing a sailboat or are upgrading the stock equipment in a high-end yacht, our equipment is trusted because customer input is an essential part of our manufacturing process. We have supplied clients with a variety of products that have ended up on many different types of yachts. Click below for a short example of the types of yachts that have previously installed MarineNav equipment.