A real-time view of all ship data anywhere you need it

Vessels are comprised of a number of complex systems to help them survive the harsh conditions at sea. Advanced Vessel Monitoring systems (AVM's) keep track of all this complicated equipment and can emit warnings or alarms to the operator when they arise.

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Benefits You Can See

  • Increased trip efficiency
  • Improved crew accountability
  • Improved maintenance scheduling
  • Improved vessel malfunction detection and awareness
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Reduction in accidents and property damage
  • Stable and flexible platform
  • View all ship data - in real time (gauge functions - RPM, engine and oil temperature, fuel and oil pressure, engine load, alternator voltage, vessel tilt, vibration and fuel rate)
  • System and equipment alerts
  • Sensor readings
  • Electronic maintenance logs
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to read and designed to reduce eye strain

Our AVM System is designed to be integrated into a full Fleet Management System under development by MarineNav Ltd. for the commercial, military and law enforcement sectors.

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